How to Make a Pack with Aloe Vera for Hair
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How to Make a Pack with Aloe Vera for Hair

If you have dry hair and dry and greasy roots, aloe vera can be very helpful. This plant is in fact known to soothe the itching of the scalp and eliminate excess sebum. At the same time, deeply moisturizes the lengths and makes it brighter. If taken orally, aloe promotes the release of toxins, improving the health of skin and hair. In this guide we will see how to make a wrap aloe vera for hair. The preparation is simple and allows to have visible results from the first application.

To prepare the wrap, in a non-metallic bowl mix a cup of aloe gel vera essential oil and 3 drops of your favorite fragrance. Aloe powder is sold in the best herbalists, at a very affordable price. Regarding the choice of essential oils, optimal solutions are lavender and rosemary, which help to absorb the excess oil, peppermint, perfect to invigorate the hair and argan oil, a blessing for the beauty and softness of hair. Mix well and let the mixture stand for a few minutes.

With the help of a brush (that will be fine for the color), apply the compress over the entire head. Start from the roots, taking care to distribute the product evenly. Rub the cream on the scalp, so that it penetrates more deeply. Then distribute it to all lengths, working for the good tips. Wrap your head in a sheet of plastic wrap. The heat wrap will help the pack to act in depth. Let it sit for as long as possible. In the meantime, try to relax: listen to classical music, close your eyes and enjoy this pleasant moment of pampering.

After this time, remove the foil and rub the product again. Wait a few minutes, then rinse all residue with warm water. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner moisturizing and nourishing. Complete the treatment with a good revitalizing mask, preferably with aloe vera. Avoid using combs and brushes teeth with steel or plastic, because they may irritate the scalp and nullify the action of aloe vera. This treatment should be repeated at least once every two weeks, in order to have visible results and long-lasting.