What Are Weight Loss Pills?

What Are Weight Loss Pills
Weight Loss

Weight loss pills are those drugs and natural supplements that control or help weight loss. Also know as slimming pills, they typically use two methods to promote and maintain body fat loss:

  • Appetite suppressants

These work by blocking specific hormones in your body linked to appetite. Receptors in your body normally signal when you are hungry and send a message to the brain that you need to eat. Appetite suppressants work influence these signals, changing them so that they send a message to the brain that you’re already full and do not need to eat more.

  • Fat burners

These work by accelerating the rate at which you burn calories. They do this by speeding up your metabolism or increasing your energy levels.

Weight loss pills use either one or, more commonly, both of these methods to encourage weight loss.

Additionally, there are two ways to get weight loss pills:

  • Prescription weight loss pills

These are prescribed by your doctor and are normally chemically based.

  • Over-the-counter

Over-the-counter really refers to any pills you can purchase without needing a prescription. These tend to be based on natural remedies such as Hoodia, Caralluma and Capsiate.

As well as the positive effects of weight loss associated with these pills, it should be noted that some weight loss pills, especially those based on chemical compounds, may have negative side effects. Some of the side effects that can accompany the use of weight loss pills include:

  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Sweating

Natural remedies tend to have few negative side-effects although it ultimately depends on how they were manufactured and what ingredients are involved.

Also, these pills are meant to be used with other methods of weight control including regular exercise and a nutritious, balanced diet, to be the most effective.

The best approach if considering weight loss pills is to establish that they have scientific studies that support their effectiveness and that they are approved by doctors.

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